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After work today, I stopped by a local bookstore to pick up a couple of magazines.  When I stepped out, I saw this custom Ford pickup.  If I am not mistaken this is a mid 60’s vintage Ford.  My Dad had a ’65.  His was red with white with the exclusive “Twin I Beam” suspension.  Dad really loved that truck and this truck reminded me of how much he enjoyed driving it with me riding shotgun.  At any rate I figured I’d take a few pics and post them here for you all to enjoy.

Here are the photos.  I took them with my iPhone (amazing thing the iPhone) this afternoon around 18:30 – the light was a little dim but you get the idea.

I think this is an extremely nice truck.  The stance is spot on – not too low and not too raked.  It does not have huge tires or huge wheels – these are also “just right”.  Paint is tastefully done and the interior is nostalgic but well made.  The dash was also nicely done.  The back of the cab had a really cool chrome trim (Dad’s truck did not have that).  I say this fellow really pulled it off well and has an awesome truck.  Unfortunately, I did not get to meet the owner.

I am not a Ford truck expert, however I’m sure somebody will probably give me the 411 on the exact year and model.  I would imagine the chrome trim on the cab had to come from a “De Luxe” version or such.  If you know what this is, please let me know.


Thanks to Dennis Baumgartner’s comment (See the comments on this post), I did a little research.  Indeed, this is a 1961-63 F-100 “Unibody” truck.  My Dad’s ’65 had a separate cab from the bed; this one is one solid piece.  In my opinion, this makes it really nice.  I did find a very interesting writeup – CLICK HERE – that describes these trucks.

The part that is even more interesting is the difference between the pictures of the “original” truck and the ones above.  I realize there is a time for “originality” but the one pictured here is such an awesome looking truck!  🙂

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  1. Dennis Baumgartner

    I think that’s a Ford uni-body the made for a couple years(maybe ’61-63?). notice the cab& body are one piece ,it did not have a separate box & frame like there other pick up models.


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