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Engine Rebuild in Time-Lapse Video

Some time ago, I posted an engine rebuild in time-lapse video of a Triumph Spitfire motor.  In case you want to see what that looks like, click here.  Well the history of Triumph engines is not exactly “stellar”.  You see, Triumph engines are not much more than glorified tractor motors.  In some cases, they started life as pump engines.  Want to piss off a Triumph purist?  Tell them their engines are tractor motors!!  😯

So back to today’s post…  My friend Michael sent me an email today with a very interesting link.  The link points to a YouTube video showing a rebuild of a classic Chrysler HEMI engine.  No tractor or pump engine folks!  This is the real deal; truly legendary stuff.  So kick back, and enjoy.

There is so much to see in this video.  I’ve watched it many times and every time I see something new.  But most impressive is:

  • The Intake –  the intake plenum and runners are all made from scratch from tubing.  Those long runners are for a reason:  produce torque.
  • The exhaust – check those tubes!!
  • The empty cans of beer – beer good!
  • The green MG Midget – pump motor anyone?  LOL!

This is an awesome video.  Thanks Michael!!

Incidentally, custom intakes and custom exhausts…  Been there done that.  My cousin Jim made both intake and exhaust from scratch in bowtie6:

Saving the best for last…  Here is a Chevy engine rebuild in time-lapse video…

Long live the Chevy Small Block!!

Somebody please give me a cigarette!  😉

1967 Honda RA300 F1 Car


The V12 powered, 1967 Honda RA300 F1 car – spectacular, don’t you think?

Check out the exhaust headers, isn’t that a work of art?  Somehow, I do believe that even though my Honda S2000 only has one-quarter of the cylinders, there is some of the RA-300’s DNA in it somewhere.  After all, up until just a few years ago the S2000’s F20C engine was the most powerful normally aspirated engine per liter of displacement available.

It is sad that modern Honda Motors is so far removed from their rich heritage of F1 racing as shown in the image above.  Unfortunately all Honda makes these days are mini-vans and economy boxes.

Than again…  You never know…

The planets are slowly aligning themselves again over at McLaren.  First, Ron Dennis has made a much-needed return to re-organize the F1 Team.  Second, Honda is making a return to F1 in 2015 supplying engines to the McLarn F1 Team.

So, today on what would have been the eve of Ayrton Senna da Silva’s 54th birthday one can’t feel but optimistic that indeed the glory of yesteryear might return.  With some luck, who knows…  Maybe some of that glorious magic of the MP4/4 or MP4/5 might return.  Maybe from that Honda might start making real cars again, like the S2000 and NSX.

Finally, check out these videos.  They speak for themselves!


Honda S2000 Sales Video

I found the following Honda S2000 sales video and thought it might be cool to post it today for those of you fellow S2000 enthusiasts.

Needless to say, Spring is making an honest effort to arrive.  There have been a few really decent days to drive my S2K – top down – here in Upstate, South Carolina.  The more I drive this thing, the more I like it. And the more I thank my lucky stars for being able to buy (read “steal”) a 10-year-old example with only 4700 miles on the odometer.  OK – we now have a few more miles on the odometer but my S2K is as pristine as they come – oh lucky me…  :mrgreen:

The Video

Here is the video – give it a few seconds to load…

Yep. My Sebring Silver S2K is a keeper…

“Its like strapping on a race car, with license plates”   – Parker Johnstone

Triumph Spitfire Engine Rebuild in Time Lapse Photography

I am not a fan of “original” Triumph engines.  Matter of fact, they are nothing but glorified tractor engines.  In the case of the Spitfire, they are pump engines.  However, there are many folks out there that spend generous amounts of cash rebuilding them – I guess to each their own!  For those of you :shock:, I thought this might be an interesting video.

Here is a time-lapse photography of a Triumph Spitfire engine rebuild.

And yes…  Before bowtie6 there was a Spitfire.  I actually owned a 1978 Spitfire with the optional factory hard top.  This thing was so much fun to drive but it only had a 1500cc engine and the dreadful 4 speed gearbox; no overdrive.  At highway speeds this thing sounded as if it were about to self destruct and blow up right there on the spot.  This was the primary reason I sold it.

At the time I took this picture, the engine been extensively modified.  The Zenith-Stromberg carburetter had a highly modified needle sourced from the UK, the intake had been seriously ported as well as the head.  It also had a four-into-one header.  The lightweight Panasport wheels were shod with Yokohama A008’s and boy did these things stick.  However they were pretty much slicks.

My cousin Jim also modified the rear suspension quite a bit.  These cars had a tendency to show some weird handling at the limit:  the leif-spring IRS would have the inside tire tuck in during hard cornering and this would cause some “surprises”.  To prevent this, Jim made a special control arm that prevented the dreaded behavior from happening.

In retrospect, I wish I still had this little blue car.  It would have a 2.2 liter version of the Ecotec in it and a custom-made frame with coilovers and a better rear suspension.  Imagine that!  With a real engine under the bonnet and a properly sorted out drive train, this thing would be a missile!  🙂