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Vintage Ciöcc steel road frame

Ciocc Road Bike Frame

I finally came across a vintage, mid 80’s Ciocc road bike frame in the correct size and very red.  Needless to say, I could not pass up the opportunity to finally own one of these Italian beauties.  I remember back in the day, receiving catalogs from mail-order vendors (no Internet back then) featuring these amazing Italian frames.  Frames with names such as DeRosa, Bianchi, Colnago, Ciocc, Pinarello, Guerciotti all built with lightweight Columbus tubing.  All would be dressed in beautiful paint jobs with some of the higher end models outfitted with plated stays and plated forks.   As with everything nice in life, there was a catch:  all that Italian flair came with a high price.

I purchased this frame already re-sprayed with very nice red paint and new decals.  Not what I prefer since I like to do the painting myself.  However, by the time I would have bought all the materials I would have had more than what I paid for it.  The plating is not 100% perfect, instead it has a very nice patina.  Hell, after all, it is 25+ years old!  This is the real-deal, down to the Campagnolo dropouts.

Just like I did with my Bianchi road bike, the devil is in the details.  There are a number of pantographed bits on the fork and frame that will need some white paint.  For example, the Ciocc logo and script on the fork, the CIOCC script on the seatstay caps and all the little details on the lugs.  I know, a lot of work for an old bike but this is just not another bike – it is art!

IMG_1791    IMG_1789

IMG_1794    IMG_1786

IMG_1792    IMG_1796

IMG_1797    IMG_1787

As far as components go…  Interesting thing eBay.  For some time I’ve picked up some good deals on modern Campagnolo Chorus components.  Most is new, with a couple of exceptions.  Bottom line, I have pretty much a complete 2008 Chorus groupset with a set of older dual-pivot Chorus calipers (the used bits!).  The downside is I am sure this will piss off many folks because the cranks are Ultra Torque carbon.  But, that is all good:  I’m building this to suite me, not others.

Among the bits left to buy is a Campagnolo aero seatpost – I’m looking for one with flutes so I can finish it like I did the one on my Bianchi with the Italian flag colours.  I also need to find a stem and suitable handlebar.  Wheels, you ask?  I have a spare set of Mavic Ksyrium’s that are true and in great shape.  Again, why go out and buy more when I already have some really nice stuff.

So what is the big deal?  After all, it’s just another old bike?  Agreed.  But, I like to ride and I like bikes.  I have several and this one will be a nice addition.  Stay tuned!  I’ll have updates soon.