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bowtie6 in photos…


IMG_3239Drove bowtie6 to work the other day and on the way out, I see this awesome sunset.  The picture above does it no justice – it was just a little too late and I caught it when it was too dark.

Nevertheless, I thought it made for a cool picture…  Peace.

Six or One Half Dozen of the Other


bowtie6 in the sunshine, sporting Panasports and that oh-so-rare factory hard top.

Today’s post shows six or one half of the other grouping of Triumph TR6’s gathered over at my friend Al’s shop.  You see, Al just got his business license for his TR6 restoration garage.  While bowtie6 did not come from Al’s shop, it was invited to take part in this impromptu car show of sorts.

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White and Red TR6’s


Nice pair of TR6’s…

Quick post today of white and red TR6’s…

Visited my friend Al’s shop today and could not pass up the opportunity to take this photo of his white TR6 next to bowtie6.  Al’s white TR6 runs on black centered wheels that look very slick against the all white background.  Nice car, don’t you think?

Pair of TR6’s

Just an awesome pair of TR6’s in the late afternoon light…  🙂

Pictured here is bowtie6 next to my friend Adam’s Mimosa Yellow TR6.  I did the paint job at my cousin Jim’s shop and it turned out very nice indeed.

Adam’s TR6 features an original TR6 engine and overdrive gearbox.  However what makes it special is the supercharger fueled by a big SU carburetor.  Although not as quick as bowtie6, Adam’s ride is a real looker…