Six or One Half Dozen of the Other


bowtie6 in the sunshine, sporting Panasports and that oh-so-rare factory hard top.

Today’s post shows six or one half of the other grouping of Triumph TR6’s gathered over at my friend Al’s shop.  You see, Al just got his business license for his TR6 restoration garage.  While bowtie6 did not come from Al’s shop, it was invited to take part in this impromptu car show of sorts.


On the left corner, bowtie6 a 1972 TR6, Al’s Sapphire Blue 1973 TR6 and Steve’s Damson 1971 TR6.


On the right corner, Norm’s Pimento 1973 TR6, Al’s White 1976 TR6 and LeighAnne’s Tahiti Blue 1976 TR6.


This is Steve’s TR6 – bugroff!


bowtie6 next to Al’s Sapphire Blue TR6 with tan top.


The Sapphire Blue TR6  to bowtiet6’s left is for sale!

The Sapphire Blue TR6 in the picture above belongs to Al and the car has been meticulously restored.  It is for sale too!


Six awesome machines in the sunshine.


Steve’s Damson and tan TR6 is a looker!

And finally…  A special TR6 being restored at Al’s shop:  This is my friend Mike’s TR6 being painted Valencia Blue – a Triumph TR250 only factory color – and it looks stunning on a TR6.  This was not a factory option on TR6’s, however I have a feeling it will be a big hit once she is all back together.  I’ll have a full write-up in a not too distant future when restoration is complete.


Valencia Blue was a TR250 offering only.


Front wings looking good!


The bonnet of Mike’s TR6 in Valencia Blue.

And finally, one more shot of Al’s white TR6…


A stunning TR6 with 17″ wheels and red top – it’s for sale too!


Please click the “Replies” link under the heading of this post.  My friend Mike has asked a question open to all those who read this post.  Perhaps we could get your opinions?  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Six or One Half Dozen of the Other

  1. Mike Richardson

    Joe, thanks for showing my Valencia Blue TR6 in progress. Actually, one TR6 did leave the factory painted in Valencia Blue. The car was sold to a gentleman in the South of France where it remains to this day.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Thank you very much Mike! I was not aware of the Valencia Blue TR6 in France. I am really looking forward to seeing yours all back together and on the road. I’m sure there will be quite an interest in it!

      1. Mike richardson

        Thanks Joe. Now the question of red lines or not? Tan or Black top? maybe some of your followers can help. Thanks again for bringing the infamous Bowtie6 by for Al’s photo shoot. Always good to see it and you


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