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Ruh-roh.  It happened today: I screwed the pooch.  Bad.

Today’s featured picture (taken 2 days ago) tells the story:  the countdown to 100,000 miles is definitely on.  But…

See that fuel gauge?  It shows half-tank, right?  Wrong!

One of the idiosyncrasies of the 4th Gen Camaro is the fuel gauge.  The tank is “V” shaped and once its passed half, the gauge plummets quickly.  As in pronto.  And for some reason – today of all days – I was oblivious of the fact

As you might have guessed it, I ran the Camaro dry today.  🙁  Oh the humanity!!  I’ve been this car’s caretaker for twenty years – this has only happened once before (right after I first bought it).  Of course, this had to happen at a very dangerous intersection and sure enough, I had a City cop come to my assistance.  I must say, he was very, very helpful and even offered to help me push the aging Camaro out of the way.

Fortunately, cousin Jim (and friend Wayne riding shotgun) came to my assistance with the proverbial plastic five gallon container of dyno-juice.  Camaro fired right up once the fuel pump primed the eight thirsty injectors back up.  Amazing!

I thanked the Officer and promptly headed to the nearest filling station (does anyone still call them that?) and topped off the tank.

And so, the countdown to 100,000k is on its way…

New Tires for Camaro Z28

IMG_2908My aging daily driver – a 1995 Z28 Camaro – got treated to a set of new tires this week.  During a span of 20 years and over 96,000 miles, this is the fourth set of tires I’ve bought.  Factory tires were GoodYear GSC’s;  an advanced high performance tire for the time, they were fair, with good dry adhesion but not so great in the wet.  I replaced the factory fitted tires with 2 more sets of GSC’s which I purchased from the company that converted Z28 Camaros to SS’s back in the day.  These were brand new “take offs” sold at a significant discount and I ordered two sets at different times.  When the last set of the GSC’s wore out, I bought BFG Comps and what a difference!  The BFG’s were much nicer in the dry and wet as well.

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