Pair of TR6’s

Just an awesome pair of TR6’s in the late afternoon light…  🙂

Pictured here is bowtie6 next to my friend Adam’s Mimosa Yellow TR6.  I did the paint job at my cousin Jim’s shop and it turned out very nice indeed.

Adam’s TR6 features an original TR6 engine and overdrive gearbox.  However what makes it special is the supercharger fueled by a big SU carburetor.  Although not as quick as bowtie6, Adam’s ride is a real looker…

2 thoughts on “Pair of TR6’s

  1. patrick hayes

    I really appreciate your blog. Your vehicular work is impeccable and well supported by your always great photos and well written commentary. Please keep up the inspiring work.

    Most blogs are missing great photos or text or worse yet, a topic that really needed to be serialized.


    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Wow! Thank you so much for the compliment!! This is very highly appreciated. I try hard to make entries that might be of some value to readers. Thanks and please don’t be a stranger!


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