bowtie6‘s ECOTEC Engine

Quick post for today…  Just wanted to show what the whole shebang looks like these days…  The ECM box has a nice cover on it.  Looks pretty cool, huh?

Click on each picture for a larger image…

4 thoughts on “bowtie6‘s ECOTEC Engine

  1. Jordan

    Did you end up modifying your thermostat housing to have the lower hose routed to the passenger side? If so, got any pics?

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Yes. Some changes were made to the housing to clear the body. Otherwise there would have been quite a few changes to be made to the firewall. The hoses do route upward and that is what makes this area so hard to photograph. This are is quite tight! I’ll see what I can do about maybe getting a picture of this that makes sense… Stay tuned…


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