1917 Locomobile – Part 3

I have a new set of pictures of the 1917 Locomobile.  Mainly they are of the interior of this magnificent machine.  The gallery below has many interesting details about the interior.

  • The Volt meter, made by the Westinghouse Company.
  • The clock is a Waltham.  Imagine that!
  • Check out the speedo.  Max speed is 75 mph.
  • All the bits inside the cab are nickel plated.
  • Check out the frames of the rear jumpseats…
  • The steering wheel is pretty cool, with the “spark” and “fuel” levers.


2 thoughts on “1917 Locomobile – Part 3

  1. Chris Batty

    I am restoring a 1917 Locomobile model 38 at the moment, and would be very interested in getting in touch with you. I am in the UK, and I think mine is probably the only one in the UK. Your car looks to be exactly the same as mine and it would be great to be able to discuss things with a fellow owner.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Unfortunately, I am not the owner of that Locomobile. I saw that at a restoration shop and took the pictures because I thought the car was amazing. If you are lucky enough to own one and are in the process of restoring it, by all means let me have a few pictures!! I would love to post them on my blog.


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