You Never Know…

I’ve been driving bowtie6 quite a bit these days…  A bit cold, but with the new kicker heater it is nice and toasty.  I guess since we are getting around, you never know when you are going to get a mug shot.

My friend and fellow TR6 owner, Adam Beasley sent me a text message yesterday with this photo.  The photo was taken at the parking lot of a local barbeque place (they have really good BBQ there!).  Turns out a friend of his took the photo and sent it to him.  Since he knew Adam owns a TR6, Adam told me he made the comment that he had “…seen this red TR6 and it was in decent shape.”.  Well, yeah!  So moral of the story, one one drives a “classic” car rather than having it in a garage all the time, you might get your picture taken!  🙂

As a side note, yesterday I had a chance to visit a car show that is held every year here at the Expo Center.  Mainly, it is a showcase of new cars where one has the chance to check out new cars without the pesky, ignoramus “car salesmen” flying around like underfed vultures.  At any rate, several things I learned last night:

  • They had the full lineup of CTS Cadillacs.  The CTSV’s no less.  They had a new coupe and the sedan both with the kicker supercharged LS engine.  Both were clad in a very awesome metallic black paint.  Very nice indeed.
  • The new Ecotec 1.4 turbo is awesome!!  There were several Cruze examples with the new 1.4 and man is this engine impressive.  Physically, it is smaller than the 2.2 or 2.4 Ecotec and should be a really good candidate for transplants.  The turbo on these is tiny!  It is unknown though, if a five speed gearbox will hook up to the back of the engine.  Then again, maybe if we get a pair of pliers and a blowtorch we could medieval on it…  😉
  • Had a chance to get an up close and personal view of the new Fiat 500.  They had two of them.  A hard top and a convertible.  Well…  Hate to say it, but what a POS.  I had a chance to sit in one and the ergonomics are all screwed up.  The shifter is in the wrong place and talk about cramped.  These things are expensive and I hate to say it but looks like they are not going to “make it”.  And from what I have been reading, they are not exactly selling lke the proverbial hot-cake.
  • Supercharged Vette was also very impressive.


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