Things You See Along The Way…

Today was an interesting Spring day.  Started out cloudy and overcast, then it turned into a “typical” Spring shower.  Sun came out after that at which time I decided to hit the road and put some miles on my bicycle.  About a dozen or so miles from home it gets overcast again and stays that way for a few hours.  Later in the day a thunderstorm moves in,  rains like hell, along with pea size (and larger!) hail.  Hmmmm…

Must be some of that 2012 Mayan Calendar stuff and the planets getting in perfect alignment…  BTW, today is:  12 Bak’tun.19 K’atun.19 Tun.4 Winal.15 K’in.

At any rate, I’m pedaling along on my titanium SevenCycles bike and I see this:

The photo makes no justice to the beauty of the moment…  I have no clue as to how to raise chickens but this all struck me as very special.  The two mutts in the foreground were not all too happy to see me there, but by the time I retrieved my iPhone and pushed the button to take the picture they had calmed down and their tails were wagging.  Needless to say, they were there to protect the yard-birds which incidentally did not get all too excited when these two K9’s started barking.  How about that arrangement?

There must have been a time in the history of this great nation of ours where folks raised a bunch of chickens, had fresh eggs for breakfast and fresh poultry for supper. I remember my Dad telling me stories about how farm-life was like during the days of The Great Depression – they did not have much, but there was always food on the table.  Somehow this moment made me think about him.

6 thoughts on “Things You See Along The Way…

  1. Tim

    Hi – I’m interested in seeing the Bianchi –
    was it the Celeste with sort of a pearl essence to it or the traditional w/out the that and more flat color? I just picked one up w/600 series and its scratched up on the top tube etc but no dings in the frame and would love to see it new again.

  2. Jeremy

    Thats quite a stable!
    My ’73 Six shares the garage with:
    ’85 Colnago Super Saronni replica with full Super Record
    Vellum Equilibrium with DA7800 and Easton wheels
    Lugged Labadie CX bike with DA7700 and custom carbon tubies
    Ritchey P21
    GF Sugar with Sram X9 @ Sid’s

    I use the Six as a bike hauler pretty much every weekend.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Nice bike!

      There are several bikes that are on my “list” and indeed, a vintage Colnago would be nice. My “holy grail” would be to find a Ciocc Mokba 84.

      My vintage Bianchi does the trick. I bought the thing off Craig’s List and had it media blasted. Then I got with Bianchi USA and requested a small vial of “touch up paint”. I used an airbrush and applied the paint to a sample piece of sheet metal. Once that dried I had it duplicated at a local automotive paint shop. I then took that single-stage acrylic urethane and painted the frame. I found some period correct decals for it and the result is stunning.

      I’ll have a future article on this. Stay tuned…

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      BIGTIME!!! Bowtie6 shares the garage with several bikes:

    2. 1. An all titanium Seven Cycles Axiom, Campagnolo groupset, Mavic Ksyriums
    3. 2. Vintage 1986 Trek 560EX Pro, Shimano 600 SIS
    4. 3. Vintage 1984 Bianchi Limited (full celeste), Campagnolo groupset and Mavic Wheels
    5. 4. Kestrel Evoke SuperLight, SRAM Force, Neuvation Wheels
    6. 5. Kestrel KM40 AirFoil, Shimano Ultregra, Mavic Ksyriums
    7. Great to hear from you Jeremy!


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