The S2000 – An Awesome Ride!!

Little by little, I’ve been getting the hang of this awesome machine – the S2K.  In order to really get this thing to work, one needs to keep the revs up.  It is a little disconcerting because I’m used to the best from Detroit.

Honda’s F20C engine is quite amazing.  This thing is designed to be revved and by that I mean having 9,000 RPM’s as the limit. This messes with your head a little bit.  So in the area where the vast majority of engines run out of breath, the F20C is just getting started.  What makes this sooo cool is that once you hit 6,000 revs, then VTEC kicks in.  The engine takes a whole different tone and you feel a kick in the butt.  This is when things start to happen really quick and you better be ready to drop the clutch at 9,000 revs.  The way this machine is set up enables the next shift to happen still in VTEC territory and what a fun thing that is.  I caught this close to “just right” for the first time on an “on-ramp” having VTEC engage as I approached the overpass.  The sound was awesome!

I ordered an all titanium shift knob from Honda last week.  It arrived last Friday and that is what is shown in the photo above.  It has a tad more weight than the original knob and just has a better “feel” than the original knob.  The shifter on 6-speed gearbox is extremely short coupled and quite honestly, you can shift this thing with a flick of the wrist.  Very nice.

Yesterday I topped the tank off.  I was able to get 25mpg by driving back and forth to work and such.  I guess this could be improved a little but so far it looks like 24-25mpg around town with 29-30mpg on the open road with cruise control.

Didn’t have a chance this weekend but I am planning to replace all fluids soon.  I’ll have a writeup on that soon…

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