Honda S2000 Gets a Tag

Since I didn’t feel comfortable driving the S2K with only a title and a bill of sale, I didn’t get to drive it this past week.  It was a busy week at work but finally I got a chance to leave early this past Friday and do the tedious task of obtaining a license plate.

As required by the South Carolina DMV, I had to pay property taxes at the county Tax Assessor’s office before I could request a tag.  I show up at the county tax office and a very, very nice lady waited on me after only waiting about 5 minutes.  She goes through all the paperwork and verifies all is correct.  “What kind of car did you get?”, she asks.  I reply “a Honda”.  As we exchange information she finally finds the assessment information and says…  “A roadster!  I’ve never heard of a Honda roadster!”.  She then looks at the title and realizes the car is listed as having 4,736 miles.

At this point she has a puzzled look on her face, looks at me and asks “Is this correct?  Does this car only have four thousand seven hundred and thirty six miles on it and it is a 2003?”.  I give her an affirmative nod and she shakes her head and adds, “This car has been barely driven.  You got yourself a new car!”.  I politely smile and reply with “Yes ma’am, I did”.  She hands me the tax bill and I was very pleased with the total.  A brand new, hardly broken-in almost ten year old car with an extremely affordable tax amount to boot.  Half the battle done.

Next is a visit to the dreaded South Carolina DMV.  After patiently waiting in line for almost 45 minutes I finally get to speak with a very rude clerk.  In a matter of seconds without thoroughly reading the documents I gave her, she tells me they “are all wrong”.  Turns out she claims the bill of sale and title are not properly signed.  “It has to go back and you need more signatures – they are all wrong”, she barks.  Since this car was purchased from an out-of-state estate, I guess this individual decided to make her own version of the “rules” and impose her will.  I gathered my papers, turned around and walked out.  What struck me as odd was that the very nice lady at the tax office said nothing about requiring more signatures.

With the help of my trusted iPhone I look up the next closest DMV office and promptly head out in that direction.  I decided to play the odds and see if a second clerk would be a little easier to deal with and agree with the lady at the tax office.  Sure enough, it took a 35 minute drive and a second 50 minute wait but this time the individual on the other side of the counter had common sense and patience to thoroughly read all the documents in front of her.  She gives me the total for the sales tax and registration fees and I promptly write a check.  A few minutes later after she adds yet more data to the paper trail and hands me a shiny new tag with matching registration documents.  She asks if I want to spend the extra $20 for a title printed on-the-spot or if I rather wait for the title to be mailed to me.  I had already spent enough money so the title will be arriving via snail mail in the next few days.

My S2K is now ready for the road.  I had a chance to drive a little this weekend and took some photos.  It will take some getting used to because of the high redline.  This car must be revved in order to enjoy it.  Shifting is very precise and it handles great.  I don’t want to push it too hard because it is still running on the original Bridgestones from 2003.  They look as new, but they feel “hard”.  They are way past their life expectancy.  So, a new set will be purchased soon…

Here is a small photo gallery with some pics I took today of the S2K.  Love the car, it handles great and the 9K redline is awesome.  The interior is the optional “all red” version.  The dash is red, the seats and carpet are red, even the radio cover is red.  At first I thought it might have been a bit over the top, but once you see it in person it grows on you plus it is leather and it still smells “new”.  What can I say?  I am very pleased with my purchase!  🙂

11 thoughts on “Honda S2000 Gets a Tag

  1. Thomas

    Great blog and great story! I read your post on the front page of S2KI. Nice to find out that you have a TR6 as well. I am an S2000 owner and my dad has had a ’71 TR6 since before I was born, though it is a far cry from what yours is. If I may ask – where did you purchase the car? When I was on the hunt for my S2000, I heard from a doctor family friend that an older doctor friend of his had purchased an S2000 new a few years back, but was now in poor health. This was a couple of years ago. That car was in the Charlotte area of NC, but more in the country outside of Charlotte, if memory serves correct. I am very curious if this is the same car. Sadly, I never followed up since the family friend did not mention the older man wanting to sell it at the time.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Thank you for your question…

      No, the car did not come from North Carolina. My S2K was originally sold in a Nashville, TN Honda dealership and its previous owner lived in Kentucky. The pictures of the “barn” were originally taken at the previous owner’s garage. He had a special building for his cars and that is where my S2K was found. It was covered in a generic “car cover”.

      As show in the picture, the car had 4,7xx miles when I drove it out of the garage. It needed a new battery but once that was changed, we were all good to go. I drove it back to South Carolina that same day. That day we put about 700 miles on the car, unfortunately getting a trailer was not an option.

      It has been a blast ever since and while it will not be a daily driver (I own many cars) it will be driven and enjoyed. I don’t believe in parking a car for someone else to enjoy! 🙂

  2. Honda what?

    With the condition that car is in… it will be worth a lot in the future. If i were you I would stick it right back in the barn and get a cheaper AP1 that has some miles for fun.

  3. Vik

    I am from SC as well, and had the same experience registering my S2K. Its a 2001 that had 60k on it when I bought it 6 months ago. You just sometimes have to try another clerk. Sad but true. Good luck with your S2K. Where in SC do you live? I’m in Spartanburg.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Hi there Vik,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree it is very sad what happens at the DMV here in the Palmetto State. Unfortunately the “clerk” at the first DMV office I visited was extremely abrasive and did not really care to be of help. The second office was much more accommodating.

  4. Steve

    I have an S2000 (2002) in exactly the same colours as yours inside and out! However I am in New Zealand so I am unlikly to see you on the road. Great car that is so involving. Mine has done 60.000 kms and is still like new. I searched for 2 years to find an original low owner car and finally found this one. I love the colours of the interior matched with the Silverstone, a real head turner and quite different. ENJOY your car!!

  5. Brian Bogardus

    Back several years ago I hung around an online forum called It was populated by mostly Miata owners, but there were a few S2000 owners (MR2 and SLK owners) too. There was one S2K owner there with a sense of humor, his handle and personalized plate read: NOTORQ

    Congrats on the “new” roadster.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Hello Brian!
      And thanks! I am really stoked about the S2K.
      Regarding NOTORQ – indeed it is. Peak torque is achieved high in the RPM range but once you get there – it is awesome!
      Thanks for dropping in…


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