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Letter to a Soldier…

Today, my friend Jeff showed me a tweet from a letter to a soldier from an elementary school kid.  You know, the ones that thousands of little kids send to our brave warriors proudly serving our Nation and defending Democracy overseas.

I suppose this is the innocence of an 8 year-old…  Then again, I think Jack (and Jack’s Dad) got it right especially with the behavior being displayed by goat ****’s these days.   :mrgreen:

I showed this tweet to another friend of mine – a retired USMC Major – and he told me this would make a soldier’s day.  I’ll post this here in the hope that a brave Soldier reads it.

As young Jack said, “I hope you get them”.  Hurrah!!


Audi Transporter

On the way back from a quick visit to Costco this morning, I saw this new car Audi Transporter parked in an empty lot.  I thought it was pretty cool how these new Audi vehicles get transported in the safety of the white car covers.  Wonder if you spend the hard-earned cash for one of these gems you get the cover thrown in the deal?  Granted, it isn’t much of a car cover but it does have a certain “cool factor” to it.

I also found it ironic the proletarian Volkswagen loaded on the tail end of the transporter did not get the VIP treatment 🙁 – see below…


The lowly VW just got a hood and trunk protector.  Oh well…

Pallet Hauler

On my way to work one day last week, I saw this pallet hauler shown here.

While I am not a fan of automotive emissions tests or road certificates, this is one time when I wish the state of South Carolina had one.  I’ve seen this truck before, but never with the disaster of a trailer in tow.  No lights, no license tag, nothing…

Once I pulled ahead of this truck – not hard to do mind you – I glanced at the two occupants who were completely oblivious of the bad weather, wet road conditions and the fact the truck was crawling in the left lane.  The tires on this truck (and trailer) were about as smooth as the proverbial baby’s butt.  The trailer is something else too:  those uprights were flopping and swaying back and forth.  Truly an accident waiting to happen.

On this very same road, I see on a daily basis folks driving high-end Mercs, Bimmers, Porches, and even a Tesla Model S.  Makes one wonder what kind of insurance this bubba has on his white truck…    

Wings Over Houston Air Show

The other day my friend Corey (standing in front of the Corsair) photo 1sent some pictures via SMS while he attended the Wings Over Houston air show.  I thought the pics were pretty awesome so I asked for more and this makes up today’s post.

The show happens at the end of October and is produced by the Commemorative Air Force.  Needless to say, I’m giving it some thought to make the trip to Houston next year to watch the show.

Corey told me the show is very elaborate:  there is a Pearl Harbor re-enactment with lots of staged explosions and smoke with multiple fly-by’s.  Here are the photos Corey sent me.

The P51 Mustangs are just timeless…



Several years ago I had the opportunity to see an F4U Corsair up close, and was astonished with its size.  These planes were BIG!  Here are some pictures Corey took of the Corsairs.



The following picture of the Corsair is pretty cool…  If you notice, in the background is a B17 making an approach…



Here is the A6M Zero – looks like there were several too!


Next, an SNJ-5C Texan.


Finally, last but not least the mighty B17.


Thanks for the pictures Corey!  They are awesome.  Must have been pretty cool to have been able to watch the show.


God Speed, Atlantis…

STS-135 left Launch Pad 39A for the last time today.  A sad day indeed for America.

I feel bad for the thousands of dedicated NASA workers that will be loosing their jobs in the next few days as a result of the cancellation of what basically amounts to America’s space program.  I guess the cadre of “brilliant” politicians that unfortunately run things in America these days – starting from the very top to the very bottom – has decided this is no longer an important priority.  So much of what we enjoy today as “technology” found its origins in the space program.

Perhaps I am a little one-sided.  After all, I remember the day when “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was the news of the day.  I watched it on a small black and white TV – imagine that in today’s world of 50+ HDTV’s…

Critics claim there is not enough money for luxuries such as a “space program”.  I say not.  If only politicians in our country were responsible and instead of pissing our resources on countries that have no desire to be associated with America perhaps we could invest those resources in things that matter:  ourselves.  Don’t take me wrong – I am not an isolationist, but I do have a problem when I read about how such a great portion of our wealth is squandered in “nation building” or corrupt governments all around the world.  The same can be said on the domestic front.

Yes, I guess I’m one of the millions of pissed off Americans that hate to see our glory days in the past.  I am optimistic however, in that good will eventually prevail.  We are in such desperate need of true leadership.  Leadership that can utter words that ignite the imagination of Americans.  Words such as “we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too“.

God Speed, Atlantis.  God Speed indeed…