Rebuilt Coilovers

The Man in the brown truck delivered a box containing bowtie6‘s rear rebuilt coilovers.  This stuff is like jewelry – too bad they are not in plain sight!

Needless to say I unpacked them and they are perfect.  Sure, there are a few scratches from wear and tear but overall they are mechanically back to as-new condition.  The rebuild price was not too bad:  $99.00 + shipping.

I can’t wait to get the springs assembled back on them and then mounting them back to the rear axle.  I’ll have a new post with pictures this weekend.  Stay tuned!  :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Rebuilt Coilovers

  1. Michael Yount

    Loverly!!!! Should work great when you get them in….and secretly I wanna see you drop the rear end 3/4″ or so….

    Real close to pulling Ford V8 out and replacing with LS3…..just set registration up for EuroFest and entered the Cayman as I don’t think the Volvo will have a working engine in it at that point…


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