My Honda S2000, Six Years Later…

I’ve owned my 2003 Honda S2000 for six years now.  Hard to believe it actually.  I remember six years ago in April of 2012 when I drove to Russellville, Kentucky to make the purchase from the estate of its former owner.  You can click HERE to see the post I made, with details from when I made the trip to pick the car up.

One of the blogs I read regularly and highly recommend belongs to a fellow car enthusiast like me.  His name is Tyson and he has a thing for Acuras.  His blog is named drivetofive – as in drive to 500,000 miles!  I thought about him when I started putting this post together because Tyson documents how many miles he logs on his fleet of breathtaking Acuras.  And yes, he is lucky enough to own the Holy Grail:  an Acura NSX.  So Tyson if you are reading, take a look at this:

Yes, that is a picture of the dash of my 2003 Honda S2000 taken this past Friday, April 6, 2018.  The S2K had a milestone:  the sweet sixteen!  Doing the math, I’ve owned this car for six years, and have put just a tad over 11,000 miles on it.

Even though this car is 15 years old, I get looks and comments as if she had rolled out the dealership recently.  I have gone out of my way to keep this thing as clean as possible.  Matter of fact, I can’t say I’ve ever driven this car in the rain during the past six years.

The first major purchase for the S2000 was a new set of BF Goodrich summer-only tires.  Well, I need to get a new set of rears because 11,000 miles later, they are down to the wear markers.  I’m not surprised.  From my research the S2000 is similar to Tyson’s NSX in that the rear tires wear prematurely in exchange for optimal handling.

And so, there you have it.  My 2003 S2000 has been an amazing car.  It has its shortcomings in the torque department but what a joy it is to drive with the top down, revving up to the 9000 rpm redline.  This thing has F1 DNA.

Expenses have been negligible.  Other than the previously mentioned BFG’s, all I have done is replace fluids and filters. And, oh yes, I did buy a titanium factory shift knob and the factory front air dam and rear spoiler.  Honda (ahem, Acura) dependability I suppose!  😉


4 thoughts on “My Honda S2000, Six Years Later…

  1. Nick M

    Do you still own this S2000?? I just came across some of your old photos from 2012 on the S2Ki forums. It was the “ALL RED INTERIOR” thread, your car color combo looked amazing. Post more pics if you still have the car.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Yes I still own my S2000.

      The all red interior is unusual – from what I understand from the production chart, only 323 Sebring Silver S2000’s were manufactured with an all red interior in model year 2003 (the last year for the AP1). Is it a bit much? Perhaps. But a proper convertible must be special and this combination is definitely that. Currently, my S2000 has about 17,000 miles and I am proud to say it is 100% bone stock. The only change has been fluids and a new battery.

      You ask for pictures… OK – stay tuned… I’ll find a suitable location and post some current pictures of my S2000 in an upcoming post.

  2. tysonhugie

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out! And congratulations on a baby milestone in your silver sportscar! It’s hard to believe – time really does fly when you’re having fun. Your post is timely because I’m actually cross shopping a few different tire brands for NSX rear tires currently. I need to get them replaced before I head to an event in Vegas in a few weeks (700 ish mile round trip). I will have to see what BF Goodrich offers in a 225-50-16. Keep up the great posts!

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Thanks Tyson – wow, a 700 mile trip in the NSX! Sure wish I lived closer to you… Your NSX is a sweet ride. Make sure you do a writeup on your blog when you make your final decision and purchase on the rear tires for the NSX.


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