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2013 Chevrolet Volt

My friend Lee purchased this 2013 Chevrolet Volt about 2 years ago.  Lee’s goal from the beginning was to achieve as much efficiency as could be obtained by driving as smooth as possible (more on this later, see below).  He has made it a priority to avoid gas stations!!

I’ve read much about hybrids and from my research there is a mind-shift one must make to meet the highest level of efficiency.  For yours truly, this would certainly be a steep learning curve but I digress.  Back to Lee’s Volt and the subject of this story.

You see, this week Lee texted me the following pair of photos when he filled the Volt’s tank with regular unleaded for only the third time since he bought the car!!  

Mileage since last fill up

This is the first photo of the Volt’s dashboard.  It shows mileage since the last fill up.  Lee explained he only resets the “B” odometer every time he fills up with fuel.  And here is the follow-up on the note in the first paragraph:  notice the indicator with the ball framed between the two brackets on the right of the picture.  Lee explained that is the indicator that helps you drive as efficient as possible:  the goal is the keep the ball in the middle the majority of the time.

Mileage since purchase

And this photo shows the “A” odometer, displaying total mileage since Lee purchased the 2013 Volt.  15,734 miles on exactly 23 gallons.

How the 23 gallons were used is an interesting story in itself.  Once the batteries are exhausted, the 4 cylinder engine kicks in and generates power to replenish the batteries.  During winter months, the engine helps provide heat and during summer months the engine provides help cooling the car.  The Volt’s computer also engages the engine when it “needs to run”.  On several occasions Lee has told me of the indicator that reminds the driver of this.  Pretty cool, huh?

Finally one of the neatest stories Lee has shared was shortly after purchasing the Volt.  You see, he bought the car in Asheville NC and drove around town a bit on electric power.  Then, on the way back to Greenville SC, the steep drive down I-26 provided enough braking (energy recovery) to recharge the battery almost to capacity.  Pretty cool stuff…

Needless to say, driving a Volt takes discipline.  Lee has proven with these results that a hybrid car is a very practical and real alternative.  I am a big offender because my Camaro is the complete opposite to the Volt.  It is downright embarrassing:  Lee has owned his Volt for almost 2 years and has filled up 3 times.  I have owned my Camaro 2 years (on the 10th of December) and I have filled up 70 times to travel almost the same distance.  Granted, we are missing the electric part of the cost of ownership but I think these stats are remarkable.

Thoughts?  Comments?

2 thoughts on “Chevrolet Volt Fuel Stats

  1. tysonhugie

    This is interesting timing because I had a friend visit last week who had the same kind of success story with a Volt. He plugs in each night (regular outlet, not even the ‘fast charge’ kind) and the overnight charge gives him enough all-electric range to get to work and back on weekdays. He told me he only has to add gas every couple of months usually. Plus, he loves the torquey electric motor acceleration. I guess in some regards, tires and brakes are probably the most regular maintenance items since everything else is just electric? I wonder how often the gas motor needs an oil change? Fascinating stuff! 15,000 miles on a fuel up is unreal. Congrats to Lee on that disciplined driving!

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Thanks for the comment Tyson. I believe the Volt has the oil change percentage indicator as with other modern GM products. However, since the engine doesn’t run that often, if it were my car, I would replace motor oil at least once a year regardless of mileage. This is the maintenance schedule I follow for the TR6 as well as the S2K.

      I’m not sure how often Lee changes oil – I’ll have to ask and update the post.


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