bowtie6‘s New Frame – Check It!

The new custom frame is done.

After much anticipation, the new custom frame is finished.  It has taken a lot of work by my cousin Jim and I could not be happier.  There are plenty of pictures – they are at the bottom of today’s entry in a gallery, but first here is what we have:

The frame looks different from the original setup.  This was done for several reasons, but mainly for strength.  The next was the ability to mount the rear solid axle.  One of the main concerns I always had in the back of my mind was whether the hubs/halfshafts would fail.  This time, the new axle will handle all the power on tap with no reservations.  This time, the diff is posi-traction with a 3.80 to 1 ratio.

The rear calipers I had on the old frame have been adapted to work with the new axle.  As you will see, the front calipers are the same Wilwood’s from the original build.  The original mounts were retained.  All brake lines going to the calipers are the ones used in the past build – braided teflon lined.  And, there is also a picture below showing the location of the Wilwood proportioning valve.  All brake lines have been scratch made from stainless tubing fitted by hand.  They look killer!

Coilovers have been used on all four corners.  This part took a bit of research and the spring rates took some careful consideration.  These are the same settings used on my cousin Jim’s TR4.  Not only do they look awesome but they perform equally well.  They are quite pricey but just the fact there will not be any more spring compressors involved makes it worth the trouble.

The ECOTEC 2.4 engine is now mounted using the original Solstice mounts.  Special pads were made to go on the frame and this is where the mounts anchor.  Ditto for the transmission mount.  This is all done with a very specific purpose:  to make room for the exhaust and have nothing ‘hanging’ below the frame.

There is a ton of more subtle details – I am sure you will find them.  If you have any questions/comments drop me a line.  Here is the new frame gallery.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “bowtie6‘s New Frame – Check It!

  1. Jeff Sherretts

    What transmission & rear end are you using here? And what are the options for these? Is the Samurai a reasonable choice for this project? I see it can be fitted to the Ecotec.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Thank you for your questions… I have already covered the questions you ask about in prior articles on my blog. Let me get that for you:

      1. For Aisin transmission details click here.
      2. For rear end and differential details click here.

      Unfortunately, I have no clue what the Samurai transmission looks like. That was not an option for me since I had access to both crate engines and crate gearboxes with no mileage on them.

      Hope this helps…


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