2001 A Space Odyssey – iPad Anyone?

I’m sitting here tonight watching one of my favourite movies:  2001 A Space Odyssey.  IMHO Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece.  I’m going to date myself, but I remember watching this at a theatre – granted, I was a kid but there was something very special about this movie.

So, I’m watching this movie tonight and the scene where Bowman and Poole are eating dinner and watching the latest transmission from Earth on their video tablets shows up.

Hmmm…  Does this look familiar?  Apple iPad anyone???

I mean, damn – this movie was made in 1968 and they (Arthur C Clarke/Stanley Kubrick) were already dreaming up tablets that would display video.  So the tablet is in B/W.  Who cares?  This is brilliant!

In case you don’t know or remember what I am talking about, check it:

iPad precursor?

So, if you are like me and had a chance to see this at a theatre – please, tell me about your experience.  I was a kid in my early teens – it was surreal.  I remember the big hoopla about the movie.  My parents did not know it, but I remember sneaking out to the local cinema and watching the movie.  I thought this was awesome.  HAL 9000 made a big impression!

Later came 2010 with Roy Scheider, Bob Balaban, John Lithgow and Helen Mirren…  “My God, its full of stars”…  Remember that?

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