Who needs a pickup??

I’m driving down the road today, and in front of me I see a van loaded with a ladder and one of those contraptions used to lift shingles onto a roof.  Upon close inspection, I see the ladder is going through the roof of the van.  I’m like, “OK”…

So upon closer inspection, sure enough:  the roof of the van has been literally removed.  Appears as if Bubba got hold of a “blowtorch and a pipe” and “went medieval” on the van.  I know, I should be the last making a comment about modifying a vehicle – after all, I’ve done things to bowtie6 that people wouldn’t do to a farm animal.

I finally had a chance to pass the van, and the side of the roof looked really bad.  Actually it looked like a jumbo sized can of pork-n-beans hacked with a dull can opener.  The fellow behind the wheel looked like he had not a worry in the world.  I admire that.  He had a need to carry his tools, selected an unconventional way to solve the problem and carried on.  I say Bubba did well.

2 thoughts on “Who needs a pickup??

  1. Darrell

    I saw the ultimate pick up truck a few years ago. Someone took a school bus, removed the roof and sides from the windows up. The rear door was reinstalled forward, leaving a couple of rows of the original seats (I guess that made is a crew cab)!


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