Triumph Bonneville T120 Black

img_4085Since the weather was just perfect last Friday, I walked over with a couple of my co-workers to the small barbecue restaurant down the street from my place of employment.  They have a Friday “special” on the menu for a BBQ sandwich, slaw and beans for five bucks.  Not bad and it was just “enough” for a quick lunch.

Well, on the way there in the parking lot I saw this awesome, modern Triumph Bonneville T120 Black.  I am not a big motorcycle enthusiast, I have always considered them as the next best thing to what Tony Montana labeled as a “first class ticket to the Resurrection”.  But, that does not mean I don’t appreciate a gorgeous machine when I see one.  This is one of those cases…




Across from this Triumph’s  parking spot, is a meat-and-three restaurant and sure enough, the motorcycle’s owner was seated next to the window.  I noticed him smiling as I took pictures and I gave him the thumb’s up.  I think he was pretty tickled!

Pretty awesome motorcycle, huh?

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