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A New Frame Ready for Paint

I’m chomping at the bit…  bowtie6‘s new frame is complete and ready for paint.  It is stunning.  Sorry – no pictures today but there will be plenty tomorrow.

I saw the frame yesterday and it is very impressive.  My cousin Jim took the frame to the fellow that does the media blasting for us and had the thing cleaned up.  The frame is now back at the shop, gray as can be and just begging for primer and paint.

Tomorrow should be a fun day:  I’ve got primer, a gallon of chassis-black (with the matching hardener) and my HVLP guns locked and loaded.  The goal is that by EOD tomorrow, the new frame should be thoroughly coated with paint and looking like a supermodel wearing a little black dress.

Another tasty morsels:

  • The new differential for the rear axle has been ordered and has arrived!  It was far from cheap, but it is the best money can buy  What ratio?  3.80 to 1, full posi-traction.  This thing rocks.  There will be more about this soon…
  • New bushings for the front suspension have been ordered from the UK.  The new ones are of much greater quality and more durable than the polyurethane bushes currently used.  Why?  After only 15,000 miles the ones I had bought have become ‘worn’.  Not good.
  • Adjustments to the steering column.  Ready for this?  bowtie6 will have full tilt steering.  Yes.  Tilt steering!!  Should be a nice addition – I’ll have more on this too!

Stay tuned…