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ECOTEC, Meet Gearbox; Gearbox, Meet ECOTEC…

bowtie6‘s ECOTEC permanently met the new AISIN 5 speed Solstice gearbox.  It took some doing to get the right bolts because they were not supplied with the Mallett “take out” engine.  But, after some searching, I found the nine metric bolts that hold the two together.  Here are some pictures (and a little extra) of the event.  The clutch actuator has been installed, the only thing missing is the special metal pipe that fits on the side of the hydraulic actuator.  This pipe will be modified so I can use my Camaro clutch master cylinder.  I’ll pics on that later.

BTW, the header you see has all been hand made from stainless tubing.  The bung for the O2 sensor will be on the other side of the flange.  Take a look: