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Tryon International Equestrian Center

The weather is starting to get just right for nice drives with the top down on the S2000.  Last night, Wifey and I headed up to Columbus NC and had a great dinner at a small restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine: Giardini Trattoria.  Food was great, equally excellent service and overall we had a great time.  Since the sun had not totally set by the time we finished dinner, we headed to the nearby Tryon International Equestrian Center, in Tryon NC.

IMG_3140This picture does not do justice to this installation.  This is just a tiny fraction of what this equestrian wonderland is all about.  After all, word has it that a certain NY magnate and a west coast software mogul have invested many resources in this installation.  From what I understand there is a multi-star resort hotel in the works.  Many years ago, Wifey participated in this type of competitions and it was nice to have the play-by-play from someone who knows what is going on.  Suffice to say this was a $25,000 Grand Prix event.  It was most impressive…

Admission was free, and there are plenty of places to eat on the premises.  It also features a very kid-friendly environment.  I’m not a huge equestrian fan, but wifey and I will be checking this place out soon (hopefully with a better SLR camera, and not just an iPhone).  I am particularly interested in watching a dressage event.  Definitely a very  nice place to visit.

Midway through the event – similar to hockey – the grounds underwent grooming.  No Zamboni here, instead several water trucks and John Deere’s making sure the sand was oh-just-so-perfect.

Weather this morning was also perfect so I headed out for a nice bicycle ride.  I had to burn off the outstanding panna cotta I had for dessert the night before, so I logged a longer than usual ride.  Along the way, I snapped the following picture:

IMG_3158I know, an abandoned farm-house, big deal right?  I’ve written about this very place before – about 2.5 years ago – click here.  It looked less grown up with vegetation then, but the hold house is still there…