SuperTrapp Performance Tunable Exhaust


Going through some bins in the garage this weekend, I found several spare discs for the Supertrapp performance tunable exhaust as mounted on bowtie6.  You can see the two discs in the picture above, towards the left.

I’ve written about the exhaust in a prior post (Click HERE) so I won’t repeat myself.  However, the idea behind the SuperTrapp tips is to control backpressure and noise.  This is accomplished by adding or removing those discs to the end tip of the exhaust.  The more discs, the less backpressure and the higher the decibels; consequently the less discs, the quieter it gets but the more backpressure accumulates.

So back to the two discs.  I got the notion to move things around as well as adding the two spare discs.  Here is what the two exhaust pipes really look like:


So I decided to remove a disc from the right side pipe and add the others to the left side pipe.  As you can see, the left side comes out at a 90 degree angle from the main 3″ pipe.  So, I figured what the hell!  The worse thing that could happen is that it sounds like crap.

Well, much to my surprise the experiment has worked quite well.  Backpressure has been reduced, noise went up (but only during WOT) and overall acceleration feels better.  I know, this is all measured by what is transmitted via the seat to my arse.  Good enough for me.  I like it!


5 thoughts on “SuperTrapp Performance Tunable Exhaust

  1. mrmiata

    I did buy that one, but I’m only allowed to wear it to Miata Club events where the guys get it and the women shake there heads at the stupidity of wearing the word BUTT on one’s chest in public. I subscribe their email list and have a hard time resisting buying quite few of them, but I did succumb a month ago to the Go Spec Racer T because it had a Miata on it.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      LOL Brian! Funny you mention those t-shirts! I check them often however I missed out on that particular design. They do re-issues from time to time and I’ll make sure I buy one. Thanks for the link and so very nice to hear from you. Hope all is well with the Emperor.


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