S2000 Front Air Dam

When the S2000 was sold in Honda dealerships, there was a extensive collection of “factory accessories” available from the parts department.  Matter of fact, among the bunch of documents I got with my S2000 there was a brochure listing the accessories for the 2003 model year.  Needless to say, there are some that have sparked my interest.  However, since we are taking about a ten-year old automobile, some of these accessories are no longer available.

So what makes the genuine Honda part so special?  For starters is the fit and finish.  Sure,  there are many available aftermarket versions available on eBay for a substantial discount however from what I have read they don’t fit quite like the Honda version.  Next, the Honda part comes painted to match body color.  This is important.  Why?  Well have you priced automotive paint lately?

Well today I finally found a genuine Honda part.  Last week I had a chance to meet with a very nice group of local S2000 owners.  I mentioned I was looking for a front airdam lip and sure enough, a local member said “I’ve got one”.  Geez!  Talk about my lucky day!!  Today we met, and my new friend Andy produced a genuine Honda part in the correct color, brand new.  Cool!

Here is the “before” picture…

Here is what the air dam lip looks like before the install…

And…  Finally what the front nose looks like now with the lip in place:

The lip gives the front a little more aggressive look and I like it.  As a bonus, the colour matches 100%.  If I had a negative about all this it would be the mounting hardware.  This is what that looks like:

The part I was not very impressed with were the “U” clips provided with the kit.  They were very flimsy and as to be expected with something like this, they were extremely easy to cross-thread.  I ended up messing up one and it took quite some coercing to get the threads back to where they would accept the screw.

In the final analysis, I am very pleased with the “look”.  It certainly looks the part!

5 thoughts on “S2000 Front Air Dam

  1. Steve

    Thanks for that informative post.
    I am still not convinced yet with the bolt on body bits!
    I still like the look of the factory clean and classic lines, without all the bolt on dams and skirts. Maybe it will grow on me. Anyway each to there own and enjoy that stunning car of yours, she’s a classic!!
    Steve NZ

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      There are many bolt on bits that do not appeal at all to me. The one I have was offered as an option from Honda and as such I feel it was designed as an approved design. Fortunately, the bolts and “U” clips were all mounted on specially designed locations on the bumper and none of this is “permanent” therefore if I decide to remove the thing there is no damage to try to cover up.

      And yes, I can see your point about keeping the factory clean look; then again the CR did come with a factory installed front air dam extension and rear wing.

    1. bowtie6 Post author


      Yes indeed… The darn “clips” were soooo easy to crossthread!!! I ended up with quite a bit of anti-seize on them and lining them up precisely to to make things work!


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