Painted Frame

It is done.  Took a few hours of work but the new frame is now fully painted.  I used a nice chassis black paint – should be nice and durable.  The stuff was not too terribly expensive so I shot a generous amount and now it is only a matter of time for it to fully dry.

Here are a couple of pictures – I had more but they just did not turn out nice enough to post.  I’ll have more next time…

Here is the rear section of the frame.  These are the rear towers that will hold the coilovers.  The axle sits ahead of this, over the frame.  The uprights brace should tie all this together nicely – the idea here is not to have any flexing going on.

Next is another shot of rear section of the frame.  The tower braces show the tabs where the coilovers will mount and also on the lower side, the ties for the control arms that will hold the rear axle in place.

Finally, the midsection.  This is where the transmission will rest.  The square sections off the frame will be used to hold the body in place.

I’ll have more pictures of the front suspensions next time…



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