MG Magnette

Magnette, anyone?

Today’s story is about an MG Magnette that my cousin Jim Thompson worked on some time ago.  Basically Jim worked on some of the body work (mainly the firewall) that needed to be done in order to fit the drivetrain.  The engine is a 60 degree V6 fitted with an automatic GM gearbox.  The front brakes have been uprated (a bit) however, the rear brakes are still “original” drums.  The car was at Jim’s shop for a few tweaks.  I had a chance to check it out over the weekend and took a few pictures.

Here is the Magnette from the front.  The grill has been modified and a stainless mesh has been used a la Jaguar.  Interesting – looks good actually…  Nice touch!

However things go south really quick from there…  In the next picture you can see what I mean:

Unfortunately, the V6 has had a carburetor installed rather than EFI.  Too bad.  A lot of work went into this build, but unfortunately the carburetor is very dated and the full potential of the engine cannot be achieved unless you go EFI.

And that’s the way it is…


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