LSx in a Honda S2000

I found today’s picture while randomly surfing the web: an LSx in a Honda S2000.  Holy crap on a Ritz cracker.  Damn!  This is what I am talking about.

Don’t take me wrong, Honda’s S2000 is a mighty special machine it its own right.  I know; I own a pristine example.  The F20C engine is – in my opinion – the only “true” engine on the S2K revving all the way to an astonishing 9000 RPM’s.  As good at the F20C is however, torque is not exactly what I would call one of the S2K’s stellar features.  Instead, one has to keep the engine high in the rev range to enjoy a spirited ride.  And when I say “spirited” I mean this as a kick-in-the-ass kinda ride.  It is awesome.

But… What would make this ride even better?  Turbo?  Supercharger? Meh.  Boring…

If you are going to do it, do it right.  Just like the photo above.  Now we are talking!  I have no idea if handling would go to hell with the extra weight of the LSx lump but note that even with an LSx the majority of the engine is still behind the front axle plane.   The dude that owns this blue S2K certainly did a top-notch job.  Note how incredibly clean that installation is.  Very hard to do.

No.  I am not proposing cutting up my very special S2K.  She stays stock.  But…  Who knows.  Finding a high mileage, decent body would be an excellent platform for something like this.  Wow.  Possibilities are endless!!

3 thoughts on “LSx in a Honda S2000

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Yes – I’ve seen a few. This one is particularly clean. As you so very well know – that is very hard to pull off. Your Volvo is exceptional and I thought this one was quite impressive too. 🙂


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