LED Lights for a Triumph TR6

img_4055Today, I installed a long overdue improvement on bowtie6: a set of LED lights for a Triumph TR6.  The “kit” consists of all new 360 degree replacement LED bulbs.  This means, the new bulbs have diodes on all sides and give a much brighter beam compared to the traditional bulbs.

The advantage is obvious:  a much brighter indicator with little or no heat dissipation.  I’ve seen the effects of traditional bulbs on the TR6 tail light clusters:  damage can occur and this replacements are expensive.  The downside is this improvement is a little on the pricey side.  I’ll explain shortly…

img_4057This picture shows on the right, a traditional front side-marker light bulb as fitted to a 1971 Triumph TR6.  The bulb on the left is the LED replacement, with amber light emitting diodes.  Yes, the replacement bulbs are available in different colors depending upon their intended use.  As you can see, there are four diodes around each side and one on the tip.  This provides the 360 degree coverage.

All bulbs in the kit came individually and carefully packaged in a box.  Shipping was not too bad, however the kit was $125.00.  Yes, rather pricey but worth it.

img_4053By now you are asking for proof.  Well, take a look at the following pictures.  The first picture shows the “stock” front-side marker light:

img_4058Followed by this picture, showing the replacement LED bulb in action:

img_4059The difference is noticeable and I must say, the picture does no justice.  In person, the LED replacements are much brighter.

Moving along to the back of the car, this picture shows the new LED bulbs on the left and the traditional bulbs on the right:

img_4064The picture shows the red “running” lights and the white back-up lights in the “on” setting.  Each LED replacement is much brighter with a richer light beam and full coverage.  The amber turn signals are not “on” unfortunately, but believe me they are very bright now!

Here is a close-up of the rear running lights with the LED bulb on the left and the traditional bulb on the right:

Finally, if you decide on getting one of these LED kits let me save you some aggravation.  The manufacturer’s website has a mistake on the bulbs required.  The front turn signal bulbs need two “filaments”.  The website has the replacements are only one “filament”.  As a result, I will need to order the a pair of two “filament” amber bulbs.

Also, don’t forget the resistance of LED’s is different from tradition bulbs.  Therefore you must change the flasher to one compatible with LED bulbs.  Otherwise, the “blinking” won’t happen properly.

Here is the corrected list of bulbs if you wish to know:

  • 1156-A18-T in Amber – required 2 for the rear turn signals
  • 1157-R27-T in Red – required 2 for the rear running/brake lights
  • 1156-CW18-T in Cool White – required 2 for the rear backup lights
  • BA9S-RHP5 in Red – required 2 for the rear side marker lights
  • BA9S-AHP5 in Amber – required 2 for the front side marker lights
  • 1157-A27-T in Amber – required 2 for the front running/turn signal lights


8 thoughts on “LED Lights for a Triumph TR6

  1. Matt

    Thanks for posting this guide! It’s incredibly helpful.

    One question: Was there a trick to making the brake lights also function as running lights? My LEDs are functioning well as brake lights but not working as running lights.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Hmmm… The brake lights have two “filaments”. One for the “running” lights – which is much dimmer – and then the second “filament” that works when the brake is activated. So…

      a) you have a wiring issue
      b) you have the wrong socket (the thinggie where the bulb goes into) in the brake light gets plugged into
      c) you have the wrong bulb (again, you need a two “filament” bulb).

      There is not “trick” to this – either it works or not.

  2. tysonhugie

    Very nice upgrade! Much better visibility and a great way to modernize a classic a little bit. I’ve used SuperBrightLEDs before, too. I got my LED license plate bulbs for the ILX from them. Worked like a charm!

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Indeed. I checked out the results last night with the garage lights off. What a huge difference. I regret not doing this sooner. I’ll have an update soon when the front turn signal/running light bulbs arrive – the ones with the “two filament” design.

  3. Michael Yount

    Nice work on the lights Joe. I wish I could do mine, but the Volvo has a device that compares resistances between circuits on opposite sides of the car – it lights a warning light when the resistances differ because that usually means a bulb is out. It’s so sensitive that when a bulb burns out you have to replace the pair – old bulb new bulb usually sets it off. LED’s are a no go.


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