How Much Does a Honda S2000 Weigh?

So really, how much does a Honda S2000 weight?  Since we still had the scales available, I thought I’d find out.  First though, I went to the service station and topped off the tank.  I wanted to see how much it would weigh in with a full tank of fuel.  Take a look…

Before we get started, for those of you that have never seen scales like these before, let me explain how to read the data.  Four scales are placed on an even floor.  The car is then lifted with a jack, each scale is placed under each tire and the car is lowered back on the scales with the total weight of the car resting on all four scales.  The control panel shown below has push-buttons (the gray LF, RF, LR, RR ones) with green LED’s next to them.  This way you can toggle each scale on/off.

Starting off with rear and then front (see the green LED’s? )…

Ah, but here is the real surprise (note all four green LED’s are “on”):

So there.  How ‘but them apples?  I’ve read the S2K weighs in at 2800 lbs, but 2765 lbs is even better!!  And remember this is a bone stock AP1 2003 S2000 with a full tank of gas.  Of course my fat ass wasn’t in the car when we put it on the scales, but still… This is pretty cool for a modern production automobile…


This is one of the most popular pages on this blog.  This information is not exactly readily available to the general public on the web and that is why I decided to take these pictures and write about the total weight distribution of my totally stock, low-mileage 2003 S2000.  

For the naysayers of the data posted here, I have the following comments:

  • The numbers listed in these pictures are accurate and obtained with the S2K resting on all four tires on all four Longacre scales.  That means, one scale under each tire.  Otherwise, what’s the point?
  • Many folks doubt the validity of these numbers.  I suppose one could take the easy way out and simply go with the attitude of “Go by the manufacturer’s weight as given on the side of the driver’s door”.  Fair enough, but what’s the point?  I wanted to know how much my car weighs, I have the tools to weigh it, and so I did.
  • Finally, and most important:  I have my own strong opinions about the things I write about (otherwise, what’s the point?) but in no way do I post inaccurate or misleading facts.   

It is up to you – the reader – to make up your own mind about these numbers.  Want to believe the door sticker?  Fine – limit yourself and drink the CoolAid.  However, for me the scales show the true weight of my car.

9 thoughts on “How Much Does a Honda S2000 Weigh?

  1. Brian

    I ended up with an AP2, I was trying but couldn’t find a nice AP1 like you, it sounds like you found a time machine. I was looking at the Cars & Coffee on S2KI, but I thought they were all in Charlotte.
    I found the compartment on the first day grumbling about where to put the manual and paperwork, not a glovebox, but it’ll do.
    Mines a 2006 so it has VSA, but on the test drive with the saleswoman, first thing I did was turn it off and get it squirrelly a few times hitting VTEC, this car is an absolute blast!

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Well congrats on the AP2!! Yes, C&C is at the Michelin HNA parking lot, the 4th Saturday of every month. Look forward to seeing you there – I usually show up in bowtie6 so you won’t have a problem finding me.

      Be safe with the VTEC and keep the VSA engaged until you get the hang of things. Don’t want to be another “statistic”. Cheers!

  2. Brian

    Just bought a S2000 myself and was looking for the weight to fill in my SC title paperwork. Crazy we’re both in the upstate, hope to see ya around town!

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Hope you enjoy your new purchase. The S2K is an awesome machine. Which one did you get? AP1 or AP2?

      Being you are in the Upstate, you should come to Cars & Coffee sometime. There us usually a very nice collection of S2K’s that show up. Say, have you found the “secret compartment” yet? LOL!

      Be safe – make sure your tires are good and go easy on the VTEC until you get the hang of things!

  3. Steve

    Great stuff, interesting to see it comes in under the 1260 kgs listed as factory!!

    In my job….I get to drive a lot of the new cars that come through work for our newspaper reviews.
    I am fortunate at times to be able to drive some of the new models and top end performance cars from many exoctic marques.
    You know….I still think for shear driver engagement and fun of the Honda S2000 still takes a lot of beating, even today!!
    The motor and box are just stunning.
    As far as the affordable and cost of ownership vs the fun and performance delivered, nothing beats it…..IMHO.
    Cheap to insure and maintain with better all round performance than a Boxster!!
    (Especially compared to the Boxster box)
    The S2000 is one very special and underated Roadster!!

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Hello there, from New Zealand!!

      Thanks for the very interesting reply. Yes indeed, the S2000 is very underrated – I am still learning about how it handles, drives and “feels”. However from what I have experienced so far it is fantastic. Certainly a huge bang-for-the-buck, considering my car has such low mileage and well, drives as if it were brand new.

      I’ve read several comments about disappointment regarding the weight distribution. 50/50 is hard to do unless it is a true mid-engine car. At any rate the numbers I was able to obtain on the scales are very impressive and I stand by them. The scales are 100% accurate.

      Thanks for the comment – please, keep them coming! Sure is nice to hear from folks from the other side of the world.

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      LOL!!! Ahem… No… This S2K has less that 5500 miles on it – I think I’ll try to squeeze a few more miles out of it! 🙂

      But yes, it would make for one awesome ride!


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