ECOTEC Fuel System – Part 2

Just a followup on yesterday’s post.  This time, a few pictures of the engine side of things.  Here is the fuel rail, on the extreme right is the fuel inlet and below the rail itself is the loom holding the wires for the injectors.

Here is the fuel supply side.  This one took some doing.  At the extreme lower side (close to the car’s body) you can see the end of the braided line.  That end has a crimped fitting that screws into the stainless steel line feeding fuel from the rear of the car.  That stainless line is held in place by these really cool brackets that unfortunately are not seen.  I’ll have to post about them in a later installment.  At any rate, on the other side of the braided line is another fitting that screws into the solid line shown below.

That line is basically a factory unit that has been modified bigtime.  Ther is a threaded fitting that was silver soldered that allows the braided line to be screwed on.  The reason why this had to start as a factory item is because of the special connector on the side of the fuel rail.  That one clicks into the tube sticking out of the fuel rail.  There is a special took that is used to take that out, by the way.

Finally, on the fuel rail itself you can see the Schrader valve (that black dot) on the right.  This is where you can tap a fuel pressure gauge into, for measuring fuel pressure.  This is all factory items.

Finally, this is what the injector underneath the fuel rail looks like. The rail looks rusted but that is only reflection from the red paint from the rest of the car.  In reality it is quite shiny.  This is number 2 injector going into the head.

And this keeps the engine alive and kicking!

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