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Mopeds, Trucks and Mustangs

img_4128My friend Jeff sent me this photo just a few minutes after leaving work yesterday, November 22nd.  I suppose this is as good an example of “necessity being the mother of invention” as any…

Interesting how mopeds are becoming more and more prevalent in our busy streets.  The sad part about this is that these transportation conveyances are so non-regulated.  Then again, this is why they are so easy to acquire and to ride.  Catch 22 for sure.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not scorning folks driving these machines on city streets and highways but some of these folks certainly go to extremes at the expense of their own (and others) safety.  And adding insult to injury with no regard to basic laws and driving conduct; ie., driving in the left lane, hogging the road or hauling a keg of beer, etc.

img_3947While on the subject of mopeds…  I took this photo several weeks ago.  It shows two extremes in transportation – a sign of our times.  On the left a fully loaded $60k Ford pickup and on the right another moped.  Two chariots providing the same basic concept – moving from point “A” to point “B” – but with different levels of safety, comfort, status, and the list goes on.

Finally, a short story on the silver high-dollar truck shown in the picture:  The truck was a “loaner” given to a co-worker by a local Ford dealership  Turns out several months ago my friend had bought one of the new Mustangs with the V6 engine.  Said Mustang developed a voracious “appetite” for engine oil and eventually started making strange noises.  The dealer took the engine apart, put it back together and that yielded more strange noises.  After weeks that turned into months the good folks at FOMOCO did like Tammy Wynette standing by her man and in this case, stood by their steed:  they sent a brand new crate engine replacement.

All is well now after the engine transplant and my friend is back on the road enjoying his Mustang.  I guess this must have been a bad omen though…  FOMOCO has ceased production of the V6 engine Mustang…

So happy Thanksgiving 2016 to you all.  I for one have much to be thankful for and with much optimism that America will be made Great Again.


Spectacular Spring Day

IMG_3628Today was a spectacular Spring day.  Weather in the Upstate of South Carolina was just perfect – a very pleasant breeze, low humidity and comfy temps.  Good times indeed.

So wifey bought a set of patio “ambiance” lights – I call them glorified Christmas lights – and today we hung them on the pergola on our back yard.  Yes it took some doing to get them strung just right but the end result turned out quite impressive.

A few minutes after I took today’s featured picture, we had dinner under the warm glow from the lights.  Turned out nice actually.  Too boot, if you look closely at the picture you can see wifey gazing at our handywork, and Cooper – our Welsh Pembroke Corgi – watching over his domain.  He really takes watching over his realm seriously!  And yes, since I am partial to British cars, I am partial to the Corgi breed.  Cooper’s mate, by the way is Didi… She has been featured previously in this post.

Finally, to top everything off…  We enjoyed a wonderful Petit Sirah from Vina Robles Winery in Paso Robles, CA.  We have visited the winery and became members of their wine club,  the last time we were in Paso Robles – and it is highly recommended!


Good times indeed!!  :mrgreen:


The Jim Ladd Show


My XM Radio and my old-school headphone tube amp tuned to The Jim Ladd Show, LORD HAVE MERCY!!

The Jim Ladd Show is broadcast every day on XM/Sirius satellite radio on Deep Tracks, channel 27, from “high in the Hollywood hills”.  If you have never heard it, you need to.

The format of the show is free-form and during the four-hour show, you get to hear some amazing stuff.  Very obscure “deep tracks” with great commentary.

Well, yesterday was the 1,000 installment The Jim Ladd Show.  There were many phone calls and many stories mainly of how the show started and so forth.  Here is a shout out to Jim – amazing show Jim!!!

Tryon International Equestrian Center

The weather is starting to get just right for nice drives with the top down on the S2000.  Last night, Wifey and I headed up to Columbus NC and had a great dinner at a small restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine: Giardini Trattoria.  Food was great, equally excellent service and overall we had a great time.  Since the sun had not totally set by the time we finished dinner, we headed to the nearby Tryon International Equestrian Center, in Tryon NC.

IMG_3140This picture does not do justice to this installation.  This is just a tiny fraction of what this equestrian wonderland is all about.  After all, word has it that a certain NY magnate and a west coast software mogul have invested many resources in this installation.  From what I understand there is a multi-star resort hotel in the works.  Many years ago, Wifey participated in this type of competitions and it was nice to have the play-by-play from someone who knows what is going on.  Suffice to say this was a $25,000 Grand Prix event.  It was most impressive…

Admission was free, and there are plenty of places to eat on the premises.  It also features a very kid-friendly environment.  I’m not a huge equestrian fan, but wifey and I will be checking this place out soon (hopefully with a better SLR camera, and not just an iPhone).  I am particularly interested in watching a dressage event.  Definitely a very  nice place to visit.

Midway through the event – similar to hockey – the grounds underwent grooming.  No Zamboni here, instead several water trucks and John Deere’s making sure the sand was oh-just-so-perfect.

Weather this morning was also perfect so I headed out for a nice bicycle ride.  I had to burn off the outstanding panna cotta I had for dessert the night before, so I logged a longer than usual ride.  Along the way, I snapped the following picture:

IMG_3158I know, an abandoned farm-house, big deal right?  I’ve written about this very place before – about 2.5 years ago – click here.  It looked less grown up with vegetation then, but the hold house is still there…



Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly In

I had a chance to visit the 8th annual Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly In in Woodruff, South Carolina this Saturday.  It was a very warm and humid day – felt more like 4th of July weekend rather than the weekend after Labour Day.  However, once we got there things were all good!

Cousin Jim and I arrived late.  We had “issues” with the transmission on Jim’s shop-truck – the tranny gave up the ghost.  With the help of one of our buddies Mike R, we got a ride back to Jim’s shop.  We called a local rollback to go pick up the shop-truck.  In the meantime we jumped in the backup shop-truck-2.0 and headed out to Woodruff.

Triple Tree Aerodrome is quite a nice place.  There are some 80+ acres of freshly mowed grass and other amenities.  My friend Richard S, happens to be a member there and that is how we found out about the fly-in.  Once we got there, volunteers promptly asked us to sign a waiver and pay our $15 to get in.  Then we rode one of the buses to travel the 2-odd miles to the event I had a chance to take a few pictures…

Update:  Made a change to the gallery so a full-sized picture will display when you click on each thumbnail…  Enjoy!

For those of you on the mailing list, please go to The Bowtie6 Blog and check out the gallery!

This is also the same Aerodrome used for RC airplanes.  From what I understand there are several very awesome events that take place there.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures.  As always feedback would be appreciated…

Cheers!  :mrgreen: