Cars & Coffee

Yesterday was the fourth Saturday of January.  Here in Greenville, South Carolina we have our local Cars & Coffee (graciously organized by John Budinich) and it happens to land on the fourth Saturday of the month.  Yesterday was kinda special:  over 100 cars showed up.  This happens at a parking lot of a former grocery store and it is very accessible.  There is a Starbucks Coffee there and that makes for a nice gathering spot.  Want to read more about it?  Click here.

The point is:  if you are a gearhead (and if you are not, bless your heart), then do some research and try to find your local chapter of Cars & Coffee.  You might be amazed what you might find!  If you are anywhere near Greenville, SC come by and join us.  You will have a great time and there are many cool cars to see and many very interesting folks to meet!!!

Here is a picture of bowtie6:

And we are in good company…That is Kip’s red Lotus and John’s yellow Lotus.  bowtie6 is in the background…

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