bowtie6 Starts to Come Apart (Again!)…

This feels like déjà vu!

In order to save from getting a busted gut when we get the broken frame out, the body has to be a little lighter…

So, the process of taking bowtie6 apart has begun.  The bonnet, doors and boot lid have all come off.  This time, it has been much slower than when I first took the car apart:  I’ve got a very expensive paint job to watch over!

Here is a quick preview of what the new front suspension will look like:  gone will be the days when a spring compressor is required to take the front “A” arms apart.

The new coilovers for bowtie6 were ordered and UPS brought them to my door this week.  They look just like the ones in the photo.  As you can see, the stock “A” arms are still there, and since the frame is custom made, a new mount has been built for the top of the coilover.  The bottom is attached to a new mounting plate that screws to the bottom of the lower “A” arms (much like the way the stock front shocks mount).

The coilovers are fully adjustable for rebound, can be rebuilt and the springs are interchangeable (of course).  This makes it very nice for fine-tuning travel.  The rear suspension will feature a similar setup, except that the coilovers will mount to the new axle.

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