bowtie6 Ready for Disassembly

DST starts today and we are ready for disassembly.  Should give me some extra time to work on bowtie6. Watching the last stage of Paris-Nice on Versus right now – they are riding in some crappy weather.  The attrition rate has been quite high…

Anyways, today I was able to get bowtie6 over to my cousin Jim Thompson’s shop.  We started further tear down in preparation of the body removal.  We were able to get the front suspension apart for the last time.  The SPAX adjustable shocks and Richard Good competition front springs came out and will be soon be up for sale.  The replacement coilovers have been purchased and they will be nice.  No more hassles with spring compressors and that alone is worth the price of the coilovers.

Don’t have pictures yet, but the new frame is coming along very nicely.  The front suspension towers are fully built and now that we have the “A” arms apart, the new attachment points will be made.  The steering rack will come out next and its location will be found so there is no bump-steer.

Here are some pictures right before we loaded what is left of bowtie6 onto a trailer….

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