bowtie6 Back Together

Labour day has come and gone.  bowtie6 is back together.  Yeah!

We spent pretty much all day yesterday fitting body panels.  This is a challenge.  TR6’s don’t quite “fit” very well even with a perfectly plumb frame.  So we had to do quite a bit of fitment, shims and spacers to make things line up.  Suffice to say, after a long day yesterday all fenders are finally bolted on, the bonnet lined up quite well and the boot lid is in place.  Quite a day.

Sorry, no pictures but I promise a full set the next time I get to work on bowtie6.

On a side note, today’s post marks a bit of a milestone:  this is the 50th post since I started this blog.  I’ve been able to track hits via Google Analytics and so far, I have a pretty much global audience.

Just for the hell of it, if you happen to be reading this post – please, make a quick entry and just say where you are reading my blog from.  Just curious…

Pictures will be posted soon…

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    1. bowtie6 Post author

      No, this is not an original Triumph colour. The original colour was Pimento Red. However Pimento Red was just not red enough. I wanted something really bright, that would make a statement. After a lot of work, I found that Chrysler Viper Red is as pure red as you can get. You can read more about this by clicking HERE (Paint write-up from my old website).

      On a clear day, with the right kind of light and the right kind of wax bowtie6 will make your eyes hurt.


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