2014 Chevy Camaro

2014-chevrolet-camaro-ss-photo-509814-s-986x603It it has been 4 months into the stewardship of RedRock – my 2014 Chevy Camaro SS – and I could not be happier!  This thing is a real ground-pounder.

Going full retro here, but this bad boy is the “Heartbeat of America” and “Chevy Runs Deep” all balled up into one, bigtime.  There is nothing like having 400hp on tap at your beck and call and I just love it – Michael, if you are reading this, that crate LS3 you have is going to amaze the living daylights out of you and put a perma-grin of epic proportions on your face!!!

Since the first fuel-up, I’ve been tracking mileage on an online website that deals with this kind of stats.  Not that I give a shit (after all, if you own a muscle car, MPG’s should be the last thing on your mind), but I like data…  At any rate, so far RedRock has averaged 17.1 miles to the glorious gallon.  How about them apples?

So while on the subject I found some interesting photos from the folks at Gee-emm.  So with all sorts of disclaimers and due respect, I figured it might be nice to add the following photo gallery in the interest of posterity.  And I say that because the C6’s are becoming more visible on the streets.  I’ve spotted 3 so far:  two back ones and one red.  IMHO, the jury is still deliberating about their looks…

And while on the subject of keeping things for reference…  The 2014/2015 Camaro had a bit of a facelift:  there improvements to the nose, the headlights and the back.  Oh dat ass… There was also the addition of a fully functional heat extractor on the hood.  I’ve read on the InterWebz folks like and folks dis-like the facelift.  Personally, I could not be happier especially since my 2SS is also an RS, it has the halo headlights.

So back to pictures – this time the following collection shows some cool aero diagrams of what the bodywork does, including the hood heat extractor.

3 thoughts on “2014 Chevy Camaro

  1. Tyson

    Oh man, “Heartbeat of America” brought back all sorts of memories of those commercials from 20 years ago. “Today’s Chevrolet.” And then we had that whole chapter of truck commercials with “Like a Rock,” that would get stuck in my head for days on end. Glad RedRock is still delivering plenty of smiles, and 400 hp with 17 mpg? Hello! Move over hybrid! No, literally, get the hell out of the way! Lol

    1. bowtie6 Post author

      Thank you Tyson for the reminder: “Like a Rock”… I forgot about that one. Remember the commercials on the tee-vee had Bob Seeger singing in the background!! LOL!! That brought back some memories – nice catch indeed.

  2. bowtie6

    bowtie6 here… Having some issues with plugins and the “latest” version of the blog software. At any rate, Michael replied with this:

    “I’m following along Joe as always — glad you’re enjoying your car!!! And yes, I’m trying to imagine what it will be like. Suspect with the exhaust system changes, the Corvette version of the engine and a slightly different tune, I’ll end up with 40-50 more HP than yours in a car that’s about 850 lbs. lighter. So — it will likely exceed ‘amazed’…..LOL!”


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