2011 Euro Car Festival – Greenville SC

Another great Euro Car Festival has come and gone.  bowtie6 did not have a chance to attend this year, still putting the finishing touches.  Hopefully soon, she will be back on the road.

At any rate, there were many very nice cars to see.  There was a Lamborghini Espada that sure looked sweet.  Talk about a “grand touring” car!  Awesome and impressive.  There were plenty of other awesome machines but two of special mention.

These two cars came from Charlotte NC.  The first is a Volvo 242 with a Ford 5.0L V8.  This car has been detailed in a very impressive fashion and is quick to boot.  Take a look:

There was also an MG Midget with a Ford Duratec 2.0 engine – lot of work has gone into this car and it is very impressive.  The EFI is controlled with a MegaSquirt.  Very impressive:

If you like to read more about the “Midgetec”, there is a link in the left of this post…  Look for “Duratec Powered Midget”.

2 thoughts on “2011 Euro Car Festival – Greenville SC

  1. Brad Merlie

    Glad to hear your beast is back on the road! And thanks for featuring the MIdgetec on your post – what a treat! It did great as well on it’s first ‘road trip’. I still have some refinements to make, but nice to be driving. Let’s get them together soon!


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