1917 Locomobile – Part 2

The rest of the Locomobile is pretty awesome too.  Here is a collection of pictures showing the interior and many other details on the Locomobile.

No, no ABS here.  This is the speedo sender.  Also notice the absence of front BRAKES!  The only brakes on this machine were on the back and they were these huge band affairs.  I don’t think this car would stop on a dime.  Matter of fact, I bet it took quite a long time to get it stopped.

Check out the flywheel on this machine!  It is not enclosed, the gear is helical cut so the starter has a better chance at engaging.

Take a look at the shine on the radiator surround.  This is not chrome, by the way.  This is nickle plated.  The entire car’s shiny parts were all nickle plated.  This stuff is amazing!

Next is a gallery of a few more details.  For you on the mailing list, do check out this post online – you will be missing out the photo gallery!

  • The springs on the rear suspension are twofold: 1) on the bottom is a full length spring, 2) on the top is a quarter elliptical.
  • Check out the fuel tank! Fuel gauge is mounted on top.
  • The fuel cap is screwed on.  The system is pressurized by a small hand activated pump on the dash.  Kinda like an old Coleman gas lantern.
  • All the doors are wood.  The frame is wood, has a turnbuckle on a cable to make them “fit”.  There is a metal skin folded over the wood frame.
  • The exhaust muffler is huge.  The thing is covered in what looked to be an asbestos blanket of some sort.

I mentioned above there are no front brakes.  Take a look at what stops this car.  These are the rear brakes…

1 thought on “1917 Locomobile – Part 2

  1. Jordan

    The attention to detail is amazing on this thing. I have an uncle that restores steam engine related things, and boy, he makes a good living doing it! Very interesting to see in person, and amazing to take a ride. I still cant believe they work as good as they do.


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