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1940 Ford Standard 2 Door Sedan


1940 Ford Standard 2 Door Sedan

My cousin Jim’s latest project is a 1940 Ford Standard 2 Door Sedan.  Jim found this car perhaps a couple of years ago, stored under a shed away from sight and the elements.  The plans call for new aluminum panels, a new frame, chopping the top and a hot engine.

After getting the car to the shop, it was taken apart and the body panels taken to a local media blaster to remove what was left of the original black lacquer paint.   What Jim got back was remarkable:  a 75-year-old car, with less rust than that ultimate driving machine I wrote about in the earlier post.  But I digress…

If you know anything about a 40 Ford, I’m sure you have spotted something rather odd about the hood.  For one, it is not as “tall” as the original; for second, this one is hand-made from aluminum; and for third, it has a heat extractor…

Aluminum Hood for the 1940 Ford

Since Jim is not crazy about leaving things “factory” and because he has the skillz to do pretty much anything he sets up his mind to do with aluminum, he crafted a scratch-built aluminum hood for the 1940 Ford.


Aluminum hood featuring the fully functional heat extractor vent

The hood consists of several carefully bent panels and then TIG welded together.  Each weld was then dressed to a perfect finish to hide any seams and to lower the amount of body work.  This hood has no filler!  I’ve left these pictures at a larger resolution than normal, so if you click on them you can zoom in and see the details.  On the back of the hood is a frame, bonded with automotive adhesive.  The same stuff used in modern cars, imagine that.

The Heat Extractor

How about the heat extractor on the front of the hood?

The inspiration for this vent came from the C5 Camaro, just like the one I have.  The slats are closer together compared to the ones on the Camaro, but the idea is there…  I think it looks pretty darn awesome and it will be the real deal, nothing fake here.  What is remarkable is that Jim made this months before I bought my SS Camaro.  This came from pictures we had from the GM Performance Parts wish book.

The Grille

From today’s featured image you can get a glimpse of the custom grille Jim has made for the 40 Ford.  Here is what it looks like in more detail:


The new front of the 40 Ford.

Those are carefully bent aluminum rods attached to an upper and lower aluminum plates.  The center “Ford” badge is the handle that serves as the latch release mechanism.  I’ll have to write another article about that mechanism – it is pretty unique!


The Ford emblem is the latch mechanism release

What Engine?

I’m sure by now you must be asking what engine will be under this slick hood…  Why an LSx!!  This is what the future will hold under that  hood:


That is an LS3 under the hood..

This is still a work-in-process.  The engine show above is an LS3 but will not be the final version.  This is only used to mock-up the mounts and so forth.  The steering column is in, as well as the air conditioner and the brake master cylinders.  On the left you can see part of the fabricated latch mechanism.  Nothing there has been bought!

What About the Trunk?

Given the hood is aluminum, why not make the trunk lid aluminum too?  But of course…

The trunk lid consists of two halves.  They too have been TIG welded together and they follow the same principle of the hood regarding a backing frame.  Just like the hood, the panels have been bonded to the frame with automotive adhesive.

I’ll try to get more articles about Jim’s 1940 Ford as construction progresses.  Stay tuned!  :mrgreen: