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2007 Walter Mitty


Mr Lucas, the Prince of Darkness is persona non grata in this TR6.

Main Wiring Harness and Fuse Box 

When the harness was removed, the wires looked very brittle and the vast majority of connectors were rusty.  What can you expect from a thirty year old harness?  Since this had "problem" written all over it, the only way out was to make a new harness.  Sure, there are harnesses available but what fun is there in buying something that can be made?

To make matters worse, the TR6 comes with a very crude fuse box using glass fuses.  This might have been state-of-the art when the car was new, but certainly not the case today.  Instead, a new spade type modern fuse box was used.  Every wire from and to the fuse box was replaced.

The fuse box was attached to a small aluminium bracket.  This bracket holds all relays and the fuse box itself.  The entire setup is mounted high on the passenger side, high enough where feed won't get into it.   

One of my pet peeves is crimped on connections.  Plastic crimp-on connectors are a no-no, so every single connection on the TR6's electrical system has been hand soldered and shrink wrapped.  The type of shrink used has a special glue that when heated, flows and helps keep the joint water tight.  This type wiring process is extremely labour intensive, ensures bug free wiring.  In other words, no Lucas gremlins!


The battery was relocated to the trunk, with the following advantages:

  • The extra weight is moved to the back, to better balance the car.

  • Made room for the ignition coilpacks.

A long strand of welding cable was used to go from the battery to the fusebox.  Another strand of welding cable was used for ground, and that was bolted directly to the frame.  A custom enclosure was made from aluminium for the battery.  This enclosure is bolted to the passenger's side trunk area.  The battery is a red top dry-cell Optima.  These batteries have an excellent shelf life and are hands down the best available.

Engine Wiring Harness

One of the things that scares people about electronic fuel injection is the wiring harness.  When the engine was purchased, the harness came with it.  It had plenty of things that are not required for an application like mine.  These extra circuits were removed and with the aid of a factory service manual, every wire was traced to the PCM.  Each wire was checked for continuity and labeled.  Finally, depending upon location the different wires were cut to length and modified so no extra wire would be used.  This ensured a clean and professional looking installation.


One big advantage of doing your own harness is knowing exactly what you have and how each circuit is built.  Since the wiring was sound, the headlights were changed to high-powered Hella H4's.  These throw an excellent light pattern and are very bright.  Properly aimed they have proven to be an excellent addition to the car at night.


The original horns on the TR6 were shot.  Therefore a set of Hella orange horns were purchased.  The kit comes with a 'high' and 'low' note horn and these are mounted up in the original stock locations.



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