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What's Next?
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2007 Walter Mitty

What's Next?

Some future enhancements that are planned for the TR6...

Engine Modifications

The V6 is quite stout but there are a few things that can be improved.  The heads on the V6 certainly can be worked on.  A full porting and polishing is planned for a future date.

There is also a more aggressive cam available from COMP Cams.  This comes in a kit along with a new timing chain and timing gears.  New matching valve springs are also part of the kit.

With these changes, perhaps another 15hp can be extracted.

A new Engine Management system is something I would like to try.  The V6 runs on the stock fuel mappings for the Camaro.  Unfortunately, the PCM cannot be 'chipped' easily.  For the money that would cost, a MegaSquirt system could be used.  The advantage would be full control over engine parameters.

A supercharger?  Nitrous?  Nah...  The sound of Kablammo costs lots of money!

Hard Top

I have found and purchased an original, factory steel hard top that has been in dry storage for over two decades.  This top came with it's original glass and mounting hardware.  I even have a set of new glass seals for it.  However, it needs paint and a new headliner. 

In a not too distant future, I plan to give this top a new look.  I think TR6's with the original hard top look sensational.  For some reason, these cars look as if they had been designed with a hard top in mind.  There are some modern convertibles that look bad even with their 'factory' hard tops.  Ah the genius of the folks at Triumph...


After solving several former 'unknowns', the time has come to add a roll bar.  When the rear suspension was re-designed two perches were built to serve as anchor points for a roll bar.  So, the roll bar will be anchored to the frame instead of the sheet metal.

Also, with the roll bar comes the ability to put a bar in place so a set of four way racing harnesses can be installed.  The safety belts currently in the TR6 are brand new, but they could easily be swapped for a set of SPARCO harnesses.

Air Conditioning

This is something I should have done from the start. 

After careful measurements the factory heater in the TR6 can be removed and replaced with a Vintage Air unit.  Vintage Air makes some very small units that come with A/C as well as a heater core.

Some brackets will need to be fabricated to properly mount the evaporator/heater core but it will fit.  The stock eyeball vents would remain as well as the defroster vents and this would give it a very clean stealthy look.  As far as a burden on the engine is concerned this is a non-issue since the V6 originally was equipped with a compressor.