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Final Analysis

I am delighted every time I drive my TR6.  It gives me a rush every time I go down the road in it.  With a little research, I have found the V6 really comes alive when using 95 octane Super Premium, and the smell... Oh, that glorious sweet smell...

Seriously, the TR6 has surpassed all my expectations.  I drive it as much as possible and I am reminded of what a true sports car really is all about.  There is no radio, just the sound of the engine and of the wind around you.  What else would anyone want?

This car starts every time with no complaints.  The Sequential Fuel Injection is a delight to have - no more fiddling with carburetors.  The V6, the 5 speed and the differential are matched very nicely.  The suspension is tight, with very little body roll but not uncomfortable.  It gives a sense of confidence when driven in a 'spirited' fashion.  There are no 'running hot' issues.  The floor is well insulated against heat and vibrations, making it very comfortable to drive.   

What I have built here is a machine that will not only run fast, it runs in a very dependable manner.  It gets 26-28 mpg with no problems, and yet it has plenty of pop for fun.  In it's first 8 months of being driven, over 3400 miles have been logged with no problems.

As far as the modifications I've made, well this is a tour de force of modern components.  Why not just go out and buy something new, like a Miata, Z3/4, or S2000?  Well, the TR6's lines are classic and timeless.  All I did was improve it so it would really perform and in the process surprise a few unsuspecting motorists.  I guess to each his own.

On the other hand, I guess I could have gone 'traditional' and started by overhauling the engine, adding 3 carbs (or better yet add the new Supercharger Kits), Pertronix, and a header/exhaust system.  Add to that the expense of an overdrive tranny or 'conversion' kit.  On top of that add the expense of a new differential.  Suddenly the bill gets really expensive and I can assure you the V6/Tremec/R200 differential costs a fraction of what the above mentioned solution costs - even without the supercharger kit!  

I had a chance to put the car on scales.  The TR6 tips the scales at roughly 2200 lbs - with a full tank of gas, mind you.  Not too shabby.  I also have had the chance to put the TR6 on a dyno and the results were very pleasing.  With all the improvements, we are looking at around 170bhp.  I think with a little work on the heads and a new cam, 185bhp would not be out of the question.

An argument I hear a lot about my car is that it is far from 'original'.  I agree 100%.  However, I argue just about every TR6 out there is no longer 'original'.  Some people overhaul the engine with higher compression, new pistons, etc.  Others change gearboxes with units out of Toyotas, ditto for brake upgrades.  Other folks use Pertronix ignitions and Miata seat conversions.  There is even a 'bolt on' upgrade for the differential.  There are upgrades for exhaust, rear shock conversions, you name it.  So, I'm not so far off after all...

Please, drop me a line.  I really would like to have your opinions on all this work.  Send me an email at

Thanks for reading...