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Palettes and a Desk

Palettes and a desk:  today’s post.  I’m driving today, just minding my business and out the corner of my eye, I catch a pickup hauling palettes and a desk.  A DESK!!!???


That is right – a DESK.

It’s amazing how folks have the balls (or ignorance) for hauling unsafe things on vehicles.  Then, just pull out and drive as if nothing unusual is happening.  Pure bliss (or ignorance) I suppose.  Today’s featured picture: the poster child of unsafe hauling.  The desk was barely holding on by a strap!

Somehow folks like this get away with it.  If it were me, I’d get pulled over and read the riot act.

Customized Impala…

On my way to work last Friday, I had a craving for doughnut holes.  Stopped at the doughnut store on the way and a customized Impala parked in the parking lot caught my attention (see photo above).  Nothing wrong with making a car one’s own, but if this path is taken there must be a certain level of attention to detail…

So with that thought in mind, what adds insult to injury is that customized stencil of the Impala logo on the back fender…

Here is a closeup:

IMG_2748And there you have it…  The stencil is upside down!  Details, details…

Finally, I do realize it has been a long time since my last post.  Looks like I have some catching up to do  – stay tuned!


I saw this truck on my way to work and the “No OPEC” sticker made me think about days past from the 70’s when OPEC was front and center in the news.  Incidentally, on my daily “This Day in History” desktop calendar the entry for November 4th spoke of the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran, followed by the signing of the embargo of Iranian oil by then President Carter.

I suppose what stands out about OPEC, the Iranian Crisis and the oil embargo was the uncertainty of that time in 1979.  Sure today oil prices are at an all-time-high but we don’t have lines at the filling station nor shortages.  There was just something unsettling about something as basic as fuel being in short supply.

The “No OPEC” sticker would have been a real hit back in the 70’s.  How time flies by…

Yard Birds

Yard birds.

Yard Birds, you know… Chickens!

Well…  With the kind of weather we have had lately, getting a chance to get on my road bike today was a real treat.  Just a few days ago we were in single digit temps; yesterday was rain, thunder and lightning (yes in January); today the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky and amazing blue skies.  Temps were in the mid 50’s.  Go figure.

You never know what you are going to find on a bike ride.  I suppose the chickens were just like me out to enjoy a sunny beautiful day.  I’ve written about this chicken farm before (click here) and today we add the above picture.  Nice view indeed.


IMG_1816On a completely different note, on one of the roads I ride often, I found a great deal of “patch” road work today.  The type of repairs like this were found in the stretch of about 3/4 of a mile on both sides of the yellow line.  The reason this struck me was because of the poor quality of the repair.  Not very well packed and far from level and smooth.

Today, roads riddled with potholes seem the norm.  It is sad because the state of South Carolina used to have very good roads.  Not anymore.  Finally, what just adds icing to the cake is that any initiative to find new funding for road work is immediately turned down by politicians that are more concerned with votes than in doing the right thing.

IMG_1814And here is some of the high-tech equipment being used to do the repair work.  There were a couple more pieces including a road scraper but I could not get a good picture of them.

So how did the patchwork feel?  Not smoother than what used to be there.  Furthermore, with the poor quality of the work it will be no time before this starts to disintegrate. I suppose we get what we pay for…

Shame on You Triple A Roadside Assistance

Shame on you Triple A Roadside Assistance.  Shame on you…

You know, there was a time when corporate pride meant something.  I remember a day when companies would go out of their way to make their vehicles look in tip-top shape.  Examples of buses, 18-wheelers, and everyday delivery trucks.  Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.  Drive on any Interstate Highway and you will see filthy trucks with “wash me” written on the sides or better yet, totally banged up examples like the one in today’s post.  Take a look…


I saw this truck on my way to work this morning.  This is an “Emergency Services” Triple A (AAA) Battery Service truck.  Take a closer look.  This poor Chevy truck has been driven hard and put up wet.  Pretty much every panel on this truck was nicely banged up – I suppose maybe AAA is into NASCRAP racing with their emergency trucks these days!  There was definitely some “tradin’ paint” going on here.

Remember the movie “Days of Thunder” (it sucked)?  Remember the part where Cole was told to “go out and hit the pacer car” because there is still one corner of the car that is not dented?  I guess somebody told the driver of this truck to do that very thing.  What a shame Triple AAA.  You have hit a new low.

Adding insult to injury, take a look at that rear bumper:IMG_1617

I am not a card carrying member of the Triple A network, but if I were stranded on the side of the road and had this lousy truck show up I would wonder who needs who?  Know what I’m saying?

Triple A, tell you what:  you need to pay close attention to probably the last of the vehicles that mean something.  Love it or hate it, but the South Carolina Highway Patrol goes out of its way to keep their aging fleet of Crown Vics in excellent shape.  I have never seen one of their cruisers banged up or even scratched up.  Matter of fact they even go to the trouble of using zip-wraps on the hubcaps to keep them from making a premature high speed departure.

So yes, Triple A – shame on you…